Sarcopenia Awareness Show: ‘unusual’ research and lots of fun!

On the 29th of January, @AgeAmsterdam members came together for the second event of the Sarcopenia Awareness Show at the VU University Medical Center. The aim of this rather unusual study is to assess the awareness of sarcopenia amongst community-dwelling adults. Attendees of the health educational event “Vrouwen hebben geen baard”, on gender differences in healthcare were invited to check their knowledge about sarcopenia and to test their own muscle health (muscle mass, strength and physical performance) before enjoying the educational evening. Under the guidance of prof. Andrea Maier and with the help of 12 enthusiastic volunteers of our @AgeAmsterdam research group (students, researchers and clinicians) we were able to include 89 predominantly female participants (age range of 20 to 90 years old) within a time frame of just 1,5 hours! The atmosphere was amazing: participants were very keen to check their health and to learn about the important (new) disease sarcopenia! All participants will receive an overview of their individual test results and an informational flyer about sarcopenia and activities that can improve muscle health.

The first edition of the Sarcopenia Awareness Show was at the Philips Veterans in Eindhoven, where we included 57 participants (46% female). The third Sarcopenia Awareness Show will be held on the 15th of March, Amstelland Hospital, prior to a lecture on Vitality and Aging by dr. Marijke Trappenburg. Towards improving muscle health: we go for it!