Painful love of music

It is important for music academies to focus on the health of its students, according to Vera Baadjou, a PhD candidate at CAPHRI. She found that 67% of music students experience symptoms related to their music-making. Of these students, 52% experience limitations in terms of their ability to play. In many cases, the symptoms reduce overall quality of life. Muscoskeletal symptoms such as pain, stiffness or tingling in the muscles and joints are considered somewhat taboo among musicians, both financially as socially. Vera Baadjou received her PhD on 1 February at Maastricht University. She is a trainee specialist and clinical researcher (AIOSKO) and an enthusiastic amateur musician herself. For the past few years, she has supervised patients at the so-called 'outpatient clinic for artists' at the rehabilitation department at Adelante (MUMC+). This outpatient clinic helps artists, dancers and musicians manage their career-related symptoms. Her research attracted considerable attention from the media.
Vera Baadjou