Organisation structure / Organisation


Over the years, since 1995, CaRe has established an efficient and stable organisational structure to support the overall school activities, i.e. reporting on output of research activities, supporting and organising the PhD teaching programme, preparing strategic meetings, regularly evaluating its functioning and performance, facilitating the CaRré newsletter, the development of a website, the Annual CaRe Meeting, financial control, and preparing and organising the directors and board meetings. The research school CaRe has a lean, transparent and flexible structure, complementary to the organisation of the participating institutes. PhD supervision and PhD courses are organised by the participating institutes; for overall coordination and quality assurance, PhD coordinators of the institutes meet regularly in the PhD Education Committee; strategic issues are discussed in the Board of Directors and in the Board of Governors.

Researchschool CaRe is a collaboration of four institutes. The four participating institutes are: