On 1 and 2 November the 12th edition of the Radboud New Frontiers will take place. Registration is now open.

Deadline early bird registration: 21 July 2018. 

Big data, better healthcare?
The first day (1 November) will begin with an inspiring peek into the future promise of big data applications to healthcare, followed by several high quality examples of applications of data science. Of course, there will also be attention for key methodological aspects/principles of data science. This part of the day will be completed with an integrated overview of healthcare data
science: how can we turn the promise into realistic results? 

The second part of the day will explore the boundaries of big data and healthcare data science from a technical, ethical and clinical perspective through introductory talks and a debate with all speakers (+ voting with smartphone). 
This first day is in English and has researchers from a broad range of disciplines as its target group. You can submit an abstract for the poster session. 

More information and registration.

‘Betere zorg, netwerkzorg?
The second day (2 November) of the Frontiers symposium will deal with the complexities of network care. The question whether less structure and better connections lead to better care for patients will be answered. 
This day will be organized for healthcare stakeholders (professionals, policy makers, insurers, patients) as well as healthcare researchers, and will be in Dutch. 

More information and registration (in Dutch).