Dissertations / Cohort 2011 / NCEBP- CaRe PhDs 2011

Bron, C., "Myofascial trigger points in shoulder pain. Prevalence, diagnosis and treatment"

Graduation date: 19-4-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. R. Oostendorp, prof. dr. M. Wensing

Derksen, E., "Diagnostic disclosure. a basic intervention in dementia care"

Graduation date: 12-12-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. M. Vernooij-Dassen, prof. dr. M. Olde Rikkert, Dr. M. Graff

Gaal, B. van, "SAFE or SORRY. A programme to implement multiple guidelines simultaneously"

Graduation date: 5-4-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. T. van Achterberg, prof. dr. R. Koopmans, Dr. L. Schoonhoven, Dr. J. Mintjes-de Groot

Hulst, L. van, "Tight Control in Rheumatoid Arthritis: bridging the gap between evidence and daily clinical practice"

Graduation date: 18-3-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. P. van Riel, prof. dr. R. Grol, prof. dr. M. Hulscher, Dr. J. Fransen UMC

Klappe, E.M., "The post-thrombotic syndrome. Etiologic and prognostic factors."

Graduation date: 10-6-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. Th. Thien, dr. H.C.H. Wollersheim, dr. M. den Heijer & dr. M.C.H. Janssen.

Olde Hartman, T.C., "Persistent medically unexplained symptoms in primary care. The patient, the doctor and the consultation"

Graduation date: 13-10-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. C. van Weel, dr. H.C.A.M. van Rijswijk & dr. P.L.B.J. Lucassen

Overeem, K., " Doctor performance assessment. Development and impact of a new system"

Graduation date: 15-11-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. R. Grol, prof. dr. H. Wollersheim, Dr. M. Lombarts, Dr. O. Arah

Perry, M., "Development and evaluation of a Dementia Training Programme for primary care."

Graduation date: 21-9-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. M.G.M. Olde Rikkert, prof. dr. M.J.F.J. Vernooij-Dassen, dr. I. Draskovic & dr. P.L.B.J. Lucassen

Rosseel, J., "Smoking cessation support in primary dental care"

Graduation date: 21-6-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. R. Grol, prof. dr. A. Plasschaert, Dr. A. Jacobs

Schoevers, M.A, "Hiding and seeking. Health problems and problems accessing health care of undocumented female immigrants in the Netherlands"

Graduationdate: 8-2-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. F.P.J.F. Wester, prof. dr. A.L.M. Lagro-Janssen & dr. M.E.T.C. van den Muijsenbergh.

Steeg - van Gompel, C. van de, "Implementing pharmaceutical care in community pharmacy. A comparative evaluation of supportive strategies"

Graduation date: 26-9-2011

Promotores: prof. dr. P. de Smet, prof. dr. M. Wensing

Wetzels, R.B., "Neuropsychiatric symptoms in institutionalized residents with dementia: Course and interplay with cognition, quality of life and psychotropic drug use."

Graduation date: 19-12-2011

Promotores:prof. dr. R.T.C.M. Koopmans, prof. dr. F.R.J. Verhey, dr. S.U. Zuidema & J.F. de Jonghe