Dissertations / Cohort 2011 / CAPHRI - CaRe PhDs 2011

Albers-Heitner, "Who cares? Studying various aspects of involving nurse specialists in primary care for urinary incontinence"

Graduation date: 01-12-2011

Promotores: J.L. Severens, A. Lagro-Janssen; Co-promotores: R.Winkens, B. Berghmans

Al-Iryani, Buthaina, "Peer education and life skills for HIV prevention among Yemeni Young people"

Graduation date: 29-06-2011

Promotores: B. van den Borne, G.J. Kok

Alphen, Laura van, "Social integration of people with intellectual disabilities in neighbourhoods; sitting on the fence"

Graduation date: 18-11-2011 50% GROW

Promotores:  P. Curfs, B. van den Borne; Co-promotor: A. Dijker

Beckers, Mariëlle M.J.B.G., "Venous thromboembolism, cancer and inflammation: an update. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

Graduation date: 27-05-2011

Promotores: M.H. Prins, D.H. Biesma (UU)

Bols, Esther M.J., "Pelvic physiotherapy in faecal incontinence"

Graduation date: 15-06-2011

Promotor: R.A. de Bie; Copromotores; B. Berghmans, E. Hendriks

Boot, Nicole, "Gezondheidsbevordering en voortgezet onderwijs, verstandshuwelijk of echte liefde? Een onderzoek naar de implementatie van schoolgezondheidsbeleid binnen scholen voor voortgezet onderwijs"

Graduation date: 18-11-2012

Promotor: N.K. de Vries

Daniels, Ramon, "Frail elderly; identification and disability prevention in primary care"

Graduation date: 07-07-2011

Promotores: L.P. de Witte, W.J.A. van den Heuvel; Co-promotor: E. van Rossem

Eltayeb, Shahla M.E., "Work and pain: complaints of the arms, neck and shoulders among computer office workers. A study in Sudan and the Netherlands"

Graduation date: 16-06-2011

Promotor: R.A. de Bie; Co-promotor: J.B. Staal

Gerhards, Sylvia A.H., "Evaluation of self-help computerized cognitive behavioural therapy for depression; Integrating clinical, economic and patient perspectives"

Graduation date: 13-01-2011

Promotores: M.J.H. Huibers. G.A.M. Widdershoven, A. Arntz; Co-promotor: S.M.A.A Evers

Gillet, Philippe R.M., "Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests: Laboratory aspects in the diagnostic setting"

Graduation date: 22-06-2011

Promotor: C.A. Bruggeman; Co-promotor: J. Jacobs (Antwerpen)

Groffen, Daniëlle A.I., "Material versus psychosocial explanations of socioeconomic differences in health-related functioning in older people"

Graduationdate: 29-06-2011

Promotores: J.Th.M. van EijkG.I.J.M. Kempen; Co-promotores: H. Bosma, M. van den Akker

Hasaart, Fleur, "Incentives in the Diagnosis Treatment Combination payment system for specialist medical care. A study about behavioral responses of medical specialists and hospitals in the Netherlands"

Graduation date: 04-11-2011

Promotor:H. Maarse; Co-promotor: J.M. Pomp

Heinrich, Evelien, "Diabetes self-management; strategies to support patients and health care professionals"

Graduation date: 18-02-2011

Promotores: N.K. de Vries, N. Schaper; Co-promotor: R. Winkens

Huijnen, Ivan, "Physical functioning in low back pain"

Graduation date: 17-11-2011

Promotores: R. Smeets, M. Peeters; Co-promotores: J. Verbunt, H. Seelen \

Kant, Kim van de, "Non-invasive measurements in wheezing preschool children"

Graduation date: 15-12-2011

Promotores: E. Dompeling, C.P. van Schayck; Co-promotor: Q. Jobsis

Knies, Saskia, "Transparency of Transferability; diagnosing international aspects of economic evaluations ofhealth care technologies"

Graduation date: 27-01-2011

Promotor: J.L. Severens ; Co-promotores: A.J.H.A. Ament, S.M.A.A. Evers

Kuntsche, Sandra, "Snow white's heritage: gender, social roles and alcohol use"

Graduation date: 2011

Promotor: R. Knibbe; Co-promotor: G. Gmel

Lexis, Monique A.S., "Prevention of long-term sickness absence and major depression through early intervention"

Graduation date: 20-05-2011

Promotores:  IJ. Kant, P.A. van den Brandt; Co-promotor: N.W.H. Jansen

Marcelissen, Tom A.T., "New developments in Sacral Neuromodulation for Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction"

Graduation date: 30-09-2011

Promotores: Ph. van KerrebroeckS. de Wachter (Universiteit van Antwerpen)

Maus, Bärbel, "Optimal experimental designs for functional magnetic resonance imaging"

Graduation date: 20-04-2011

Promotores: M.P.F. Berger, R. Goebel; Co-promotor:G.J.P. van Breukelen

Punt, Ilona, "Failure mechanism of the lumbar disc prosthesis"

Graduation date: 09-12-2011

Promotores: L. van Rhijn, S.M. Kurtz; Co-promotor: A. van Ooij

Rijnders, Michelle I.A., "Staphylococcus aureus prevalence, antibiotic resistance and genetic background in different patient populations in the Netherlands"

Graduation date:27-05-2011

Promotor: C.A. Bruggeman; Co-promotor: E.E. Stobberingh

Sinnema, Margje, "Prader-Willy Syndrome: genotype and phenotype at adult age"

Graduation date: 09-12-2011 50% GROW

Promotor: L.M.G. Curfs, Schrander- Stumpel (GEN)

Ubachs-Moust, Josy, "From settings limits to shaping practices; Trust and accountability in health care for older people"

Graduation date: 25-03-2011

Promotores: R. Vos, R. ter Meulen (Bristol); Co-promotor: R. Houtepen

Verbeek, Hilde, "Redesigning dementia care; an evaluation of small-scale, homelike care environments"

Graduation date: 29-04-2011

Promotores: J.P.H. Hamers, G.I.J.M. Kempen; Co-promotores: H.J. van Rossum, (HS Zuyd), S.M. Zwakhalen

Voogt-Pruis, Helene (ir.), "Cardiovascular prevention; nurses and doctors working together"

Graduation date: 03-03-2011

Promotores: J.E. van Ree, A. Gorgels; Co-promotor: G.H.M. Beusmans

Waerden, Judith E.B. van der, "Exercise without Worries. Prevention of stress and depressive symptoms in women from disadvantaged communities"

Graduation date: 08-09-2011

Promotor: C.M.H. Hosman; Co-promotores: C. Hoefnagels, Utrecht, M. Jansen

Willems, Paul, "Decision making in surgical treatment of chronic low back pain. The performance of prognostic tests to select patients for lumbar spinal fusion"

Graduation date: 16-12-2011

Promotores: G. Walenkamp, R.A. de Bie; Co-promotor: M. de Kleuver