Dissertations / Cohort 2010 / NCEBP- CaRe PhDs 2010

Desar, I.M.E., "Advanced monitoring of targeted therapy in cancer"

Graduation date: 22-12-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. W.T.A. van der Graaf, prof. dr. W.J.G. Oyen, dr. C.M.L. van Herpen & dr. H.W.M. van Laarhoven

Hassink-Franke, L.J.A., "Problem-solving treatment during general practice residency: feasibility, and effectiveness for patients with emotional symptoms in primary care"

Graduation date: 12-10-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. C. van Weel, dr. E.M. van Weel-Baumgarten, dr. P.L.B.J. Lucassen & dr. M.M.L. Beek

Huisman-de Waal, G.J., "Home Parenteral Nutrition. From prolonging to improving life"

Graduation date: 28-6-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. T. van Achterberg, prof. dr. J.B.M.J. Jansen, dr. L. Schoonhoven & dr. G.J.A. Wanten

Janssens, H.J.E.M., "Gout arthritis in general practice"

Graduation date: 13-9-2010

Promotores:prof. dr. C. van Weel, prof. dr. P.L.C.M. van Riel, dr. E.H. van de Lisdonk & dr. M. Janssen

Mourad, S.M., "Improving fertility care. The role of guidelines, quality indicators and patients"

Graduation date: 21-4-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. R.P.T.M. Grol, prof. dr. J.A.M. Kremer, dr. R.P.M.G. Hermens & dr. W.L.D.M. Nelen

Murphy, J.F., "Talking Mats. a study of communication difficulties and the feasibility and effectiveness of a low-tech communication framework"

Graduationdate: 19-2-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. T. van Achterberg & prof. dr. S. Wyke

Persoon, J.W.B., "Development and validation of the Nurses' Observation Scale for Cognitive Abilities (NOSCA)"

Graduation date: 21-10-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. M.G.M. Olde Rikkert, prof. dr. T. van Achterberg, dr. L. Schoonhoven & dr. R.J.F. Melis

Pijnenburg, M.A.M., "Sources of care. Catholic Healthcare in Modern Culture. An Ethical Study"

Graduation date: 22-2-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. H.A.M.J. ten Have & F.J.H. Vosman

Schouten, L.M.T, "Quality improvement collaboratives. Cost-effectiveness and determinants of success"

Graduation date: 12-11-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. R.P.T.M. Grol, dr. R. Huijsman, L.W. Niessen & prof. dr. M.E.J.L. Hulscher

Snaphaan, L.J.A.E., "Epidemiology of Post-Stroke behavioural Consequences"

Graduation date: 12-3-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. G.W.A.M. Padberg & dr. H.F. de Leeuw

Timen, A., "Outbreak management: towards a model for the next crisis"

Graduation date: 15-12-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. R.P.T.M. Grol, prof. dr. J.W.M. van der Meer, prof. dr. M.E.J.L. Hulscher & J.E. van Steenbergen

Wayenburg, C.A.M. van, "Nutrition in General Practice"

Graduation date: 10-3-2010

Promotores: prof. dr. J.J. van Binsbergen, prof. dr. C. van Weel & prof. dr. W.A. van Staveren