Dissertations / Cohort 2010 / EMGO- CaRe PhDs 2010

Schaap LA, "Muscles growing older. Inflammatory markers and sex hormones as determinants of sarcopenia and decline in physical functioning"

Graduation date: 2010

Promotores: Prof.dr. M. Visser; Prof dr.D.J.H. Deeg; Co-promotor: Dr. S.M.F. Pluijm

Meerhoff TJ, "Respiratory syncytial virus. Improving surveillance and diagnostics in Europe."

Graduation date: 2010

Promotores: Prof. dr. F.G. Schellevis; Prof. dr. J.L.L. Kimpen; Co-promotor: Dr. W.J. Paget

Berghout CC, "A cohort study into the effectiveness of long-term psychoanalytic treatment for patients with personality disorders and/or chronic depression"

Graduation date: 2010

Promotor: Prof. dr. J.T.V.M. de Jong; Co-promotor:  Dr. D.J. Zevalkink