Dissertations / Cohort 2010 / CAPHRI - CaRe PhDs 2010

Aarden, Erik, "Politics of Provision; the co-production of Genetic technologies and health care arrangements in Germany, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom"

Graduation date: 05-02-2010

Promotores: K.Horstman, R. Vos; Co-promotor: I.M.G. van Hoyweghen

Bleijlevens, Michel H.C, "Fall prevention among older people who sustained an injurious fall: a multidisciplinary approach"

Graduation date: 16-04-2010

Promotores: J.Th.M. van Eijk, H. Crebolder;  Co-promotor:J. van Haastregt

Braun, Susy M., "Motor learning in neurological rehabilitation: practicing skills with movement imagery"

Graduation date: 23-06-2010

Promotores:  D.T. Wade, J.M. Schols; Co-promotor: A.J.H.M. Beurskens

Brouns, Ger, "Sociaal-Psychiatrische verpleegkunde: de ontwikkeling van een verpleegkundig specialisme in het domein van de Nederlandse sociale psychiatrie"

Graduationdate: 04-03-2010

Promotores: H. Philipsen, A. Knotter; Co-promotor: J.P.M. Diederiks

Dalemans, Ruth J.P.,"Stroke survivors with aphasia and their social participation"

Graduation date: 12-03-2010

Promotores: L. de Witte, W. van den Heuvel, D. Wade

Dierick-van Daele, Angelique, "The introduction of the Nurse Practitioner in General Practice"

Graduation date: 08-04-2010

Promotores: C. Spreeuwenberg, J.F.M. Metsemakers, H.J.M. Vrijhoef

Eijsden-Besseling, Marjon D.F. van, "Risks and recommendations in WRULD"

Graduation date: 10-12-2010

Promotores: W.J.A. van den Heuvel, R.A. de Bie, J.L. Severens; Co-promotor: J.B. Staal

Fiddelers, Audrey, "Economic evaluation in fertility research"

Graduation date: 29-01-2010

Promotores: J.L. Severens, J.L. Evers; Co-promotor: C.D. Dirksen

Geerdink, Carel H., "Polyethylene Wear in Total Hip Arthroplasty"

Graduation date: 15-12-2010

Promotor: G.H.I.M. Walenkamp; Co-promotores: A.J. Tonino, B. Grimm, I.C. Heyligers

Hemert, Wouter L.W. van, "Surgery for knee osteoarthritis: outcome measurements and their clinimetric implications"

Graduation date: 15-12-2010

Promotor: G.H.I.M. Walenkamp; Co-promotores: B. Grimm, I.C. Heyligers, R. van Herwaarden

Hendrix, Marijke, "Home or home-like hospital birth for low-risk nulliparae: does it matter?"

Graduationdate: 16-06-2010

Promotores: J.G. Nijhuis, J.L. Severens; Co-promotor: M. Pavlova

Hobbelen, Johannes S.M., "Paratonia enlightened; definition, diagnosis, course, riskfactors and treatment"

Graduation date: 14-12-2010

Promotores: R.A. de Bie, F.R.J. Verhey, R.T.C.M. Koopmans

Houben, Paul H.H., "Interpretation of diagnostic test results: Pretest expectations, test interpretation and management decisions in routine general practice"

Graduation date: 17-09-2010

Promotores: G.D.E.M. van der Weijden, R.P.T.M. Grol; Co-promotor: R. Winkens

Jocham, Hubert R., "Quality of life assessment in palliative care"

Graduation date: 21-10-2010

Promotores: G.A.M. Widdershoven, Th. Dassen, R.J.G. Halfens

Kaaya, Sylvia F., "Prevalence and Factors Associated with Depressive Morbidity in Women"

Graduation date: 26-02-2010

Promotores: H.W. van den Borne, G.J. Kok

Keulen, Hilde van, "VITALUM; development and evaluation of tailored print communication and telephone motivational interviewing to improve lifestyle behaviors among older adults"

Graduation date: 15-10-2010

Promotores: J. Brug, H. de Vries; Co-promotor: E.P.E. Mesters

Koelewijn-van Loon, Marije S., "Involving patients in cardiovascular risk management in general practice – evaluation of a nurse-led intervention"

Graduation date: 20-05-2010

Promotor: R.P.T.M. Grol, G. Elwyn; Co=promotor: G.D.E.M. van der Weijden

Kruidenier, Lotte M., "Intermittent Claudication"

Graduation date: 29-01-2010

Promotor:  M.H. Prins; Co-promotor: J.A.W. Teijink

Mbonu, Ngozika Chinwe, "HIV/AIDS; STIGMA as a factor that affects care seeking, care and support of persons with HIV/AIDS in Port Harcourt Nigeria"

Graduation date: 15-10-2010

Promotores: Nanne de Vries, H.W. van den Borne

Merry, Audrey H.H., "Coronary heart disease in the Netherlands: Incidence, etiology and risk prediction"

Graduation date: 10-12-2010

Promotores: P.A. van den Brandt, A.P.M Gorgels; Co-promotores: L.J. Schouten, J.M.A. Boer

Nicolaï, Saskia P.A., "The impact of supervised exercise therapy on intermittent claudication"

Graduation date: 19-03-2010

Promotor:M.H. Prins; Co-promotores: J.A.W. Teijink, E.V. Rouwet

Niedermann, Karin, "Aspects of joint protection education in people with rheumatoid arthritis "

Graduation date: 09-07-2010

Promotores: R.A. de Bie, S. Buchi

Nulens, Eric F.L., "Genetic background and impact of Staphylococcus aureus in a cross-border region"

Graduation date: 09-12-2010

Promotor: C.A. Bruggeman; Co-promotor: E.E. Stobberingh

Robroeks, Charlotte M.H.H.T., "Towards better diagnosis and monitoring of asthma and cystic fibrosis in children; the value of non-invasive inflammatory"

Graduation date: 27-05-2010

Promotor: L.J.I. Zimmerman; Co-promotores: E. Dompeling, Q. Jöbsis

Schmid Büchi, Silvia, "Psychosocial needs of breast cancer patients and their relatives"

Graduation date: 22-10-2010

Promotores: B. van den Borne, R.J.G. Halfens, Th. Dassen

Sep, Simone, "Recurrent preeclampsia; prediction, risk counseling and methodological challenges"

Graduation date: 08-04-2010

Promotores: M.H. Prins, J.G. Nijhuis; Co-promotores: L.L.H. Peeters, L.J.M. Smits

Smerecnik, Chris C.M.R, "Genetics in the news; studying the effects of Mass media genetic health messages on health cognitions and behavior"

Graduationdate: 04-02-2010

Promotores: N.K. de Vries, H. de Vries; Co-promotor: E.P.E. Mesters

Smeulders, Esther T.F., "Heart failure self-management: balancing between medical and psychosocial needs: evaluation of a cognitive-behavioural self-management group programme"

Graduation date: 26-02-2010

Promotores: G.I.J.M. Kempen, J.Th.M. van Eijk; Co-promotor: J.C.M. van Haastregt

Stolper, Erik F., "Gut feelings in general practice"

Graduation date: 26-02-2010

Promotores: G.J. Dinant, P. van Royen; Co-promotor:G.D.E.M. van der Weijden

Vos, Leti, "Towards process-oriented care delivery in hospitals"

Graduation date: 08-10-2010

Promotores: G.G. van Merode, C. Wagner, P. Groenewegen

Wullink, Magda, "Towards an inclusive society; healthcare for people with intellectual disability"

Graduation date: 31-03-2010

Promotores: G.J. Dinant, J.F.M. Metsemakers, H.M. Schrojenstein Lantman-de Valk