Dissertations / Cohort 2009 / NCEBP- CaRe PhDs 2009

Agt, F.M. van, "Medisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek met kwetsbare proefpersonen"

Graduation date: 15-6-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. H.A.M.J. ten Have, prof. dr. E. van Leeuwen, dr. W.J.M. Dekkers & dr. F.T.M. Huysmans

Bemt, E.A.J.M. van den, "Monitoring patients with COPD in primary care"

Graduation date: 23-11-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. C. van Weel, prof. dr. R.P.T.M. Grol, drs. I.J.M. Smeele & dr. T.R.J. Schermer

Biermans, M.C.J., "Epidemiologic Surveillance based on Electronic Medical Records in General Practice"

Graduation date: 8-1-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. P.F. de Vries Robbe, prof. dr. ir. G.A. Zielhuis & dr. D.H. de Bakker

Bongers, F.J.M, "General Practice in 1987 and 2001 changes in morbidity and interventions. Findings from the two Dutch National Surveys of General Practice"

Graduation date: 6-11-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. W.J.H.M. van den Bosch, J. van der Zee & F.G. Schellevis

Bosch, M.C., "Organizational determinants of improving health care delivery"

Graduation date: 17-3-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. R.P.T.M. Grol, prof. dr. M.J.P. Wensing & dr. G.D.E.M. van der Weijden

Evans, R., "Achieving informed decision making using a web-based technology, Prosdex)"

Graduation date: 2-12-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. R.P.T.M. Grol, prof. dr. G. Elwyn & prof. dr. A.G.K. Edwards

Harmsen, M., "Urinary tract infections in children. Toward optimal management in primary care"

Graduationdate: 6-1-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. R.P.T.M. Grol, prof. dr. M.J.P. Wensing & dr. J.C. van der Wouden

Nieuwenhof, L. van den, "Asthma in General practice: risk factors and asthma control"

Graduation date: 12-10-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. C. van Weel, dr. T.R.J. Schermer, dr. B.J.A.M. Bottema & dr. Y.F. Heijdra

Overbeek, L.I.H., "Improvement of identification of Lynch syndrome by changing clinical practice roles"

Graduation date: 20-3-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. J.H.J.M. van Krieken, dr. R.P.M.G. Hermens, prof. dr. N. Hoogerbrugge-van der Linden & dr. M.J.L. Ligtenberg

Pakasi, T.A., "Zinc and vitamin A supplementation in tuberculosis. A study in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia"

Graduation date: 15-4-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. J.W.M. van der Meer, prof. dr. J. van der Velden, prof. dr. W.M.V. Dolmans & E. Karyadi

Peperstraten, A.M. van, "Implementation of single embryo transfer: A patient directed strategy"

Graduation date: 3-9-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. J.A.M. Kremer, prof. dr. R.P.T.M. Grol, dr. W.L.D.M. Nelen& dr. R.P.M.G. Hermens

Repping-Wuts, J.W.J., "Fatigue in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis"

Graduation date: 5-3-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. T. van Achterberg & prof. dr. P.L.C.M. van Riel

Scheeres, K., "Implementing cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome in clinical practice. An evaluation of processes and outcomes"

Graduation date: 20-2-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. G. Bleijenberg & prof. dr. M.J.P. Wensing

Soeteman, J.H., "Health problems of Enschede residents in the aftermath of the Fireworks Disaster. A longitudinal study with a pre-disaster assessment in general practice"

Graduation date: 26-6-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. W.J.H.M. van den Bosch, prof. dr. J van der Zee & C.J. Yzermans

Steinkamp, N.L., "Ethical deliberation in healthcare organizations. Studies on structures and methods"

Graduation date: 2-11-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. H.A.M.J. ten Have & dr. B. Gordijn

Uitterhoeve, R.J., "Nurse Responsiveness to Emotional Cues of Cancer Patients. Development of a Training Program"

Graduation date: 26-5-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. T. van Achterberg, prof. dr. J. Bensing & prof. dr. P.H.M. de Mulder

Verhoeven, E.W.M., "Skin diseases: prevalence and predictors of itch and disease severity"

Graduation date: 14-1-2009

Promotores: prof. dr. F.W. Kraaimaat, prof. dr. P.C.M. van de Kerkhof, prof. dr. C. van Weel & prof. dr. A.W.M. Evers