Dissertations / Cohort 2009 / CAPHRI - CaRe PhDs 2009

Allet, Lara, "Gait and balance characteristics in patients with diabetes type 2. Evaluation and treatment efficacy"

Graduation date: 16-12-2009
Promotor: R.A. de Bie; Co-promotores: E.D. de Bruin, S. Armand
Current job in research: Researcher University Bern, Germany

Baars, Irma J., "Exploring the design, planning and control of Mental Health Care Services"

Graduation date: 26-03-2009
Promotores: G.G. van Merode, A.R.Arntz;  Co-promotor: S.M.A.A. Evers
Current job in policy/private sector: Care Advisor Fluent

Barque Hubert, Jane E. de, "The realities of life for people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities and mental health problems"

Graduation date: 03-12-2009
Promotores:  L.M.G. Curfs, S. Hollins; Co-promotor: C.D. Dirksen
Current job in research: St. George’s, University of London and Gouverneur Kremers Centrum

Beemsterboer, Willibrordus G.M., "On regional differences in sick leave. The role of work, individual and health characteristics and socio-cultural environment"

Graduation date: 18-12-2009
Promotores: F.J.N. Nijhuis J.W. Groothoff
Current job in policy: Staff member Medical affairs Expertisecentre Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg, Driebergen

Bruchem-van de Scheur, Grada G. van,"The role of nurses in medical end-of-life decisions"

Graduation date: 16-01-2009
Promotores: R.H.J. ter Meulen H. Huijer Abu-Saad; Co-promotor:A.J.G. van der Arend
Current job in teaching: Key lecturer Master Advanced Nursing Practice

Cals, Jochen W.L., "Respiratory tract infections in general practice – enhanced communication skills and C-reactive protein testing to optimize management"

Graduation date: 03-12-2009
Promotores: G.J. Dinant, C.C. Butler; Co-promotor: R.M. Hopstaken
Current job in research: Postdoc UM/CAPHRI, Dept. General Practice

Çelik, Halime, "Gender Sensitivity in health care practices: from awareness to action"

Graduation date: 20-11-2009
Promotores: G.A.M. Widdershoven, A.L.M. Lagro-Janssen; Co-promotor: T.A. Abma
Current job in private sector: Lawyer's office (also degree in Law)

Crutzen, Rik M.M., "Hard to get, hard to keep; Dissemination of and Exposure to internet-delivered health behaviour change interventions aimed at adolescents"

Graduation date: 19-02-2009
Promotor: N.K. de Vries; Co-promotor: J.M. de Nooijer
Current job in research: Postdoc UM/CAPHRI, Dept. Health Promotion, received a VENI in 2010

Hartmann, ing. Antonia, "Stimulation of Different Foot Structures and Functions. Effects on physical performance in older adults"

Graduation date: 06-11-2009
Promotores: R.A. Bie, K. Murer; Co-promotor: E.D. de Bruin
Current job in research: Researcher ETH (science and technology university) Zurich, Switserland

Helmhout, Pieter H., "Lumbar extensor training in low back pain management"

Graduation date: 17-12-2009
Promotor: R.A. de Bie; Co-promotor: J.B. Staal
Current job in research: Researcher TGTF (Training medicine and training physiology) land forces

Jonkers, Catharina C.M., "Emotional support for chronically ill elderly persons; feasibility, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a minimal psychological intervention"

Graduation date: 05-02-2009
Promotores: J.Th.M. van Eijk, J.F.M. Metsemakers; Co-promotores: J.H.A. Bosma, S.M.A.A. Evers
Current job in policy: Policy adviser NWO, Den Haag

Kloppenburg, Geoffrey T.L., "Role of infections on intimal hyperplasia"

Graduation date: 24-04-2009
Promotor: C.A. Bruggeman; Co-promotor: F.R.M. Stassen
Current job in care: In training to become cardiothoracs surgeon

Landeweerd, Laurens, "Reconstruction the Self Problems of Choice, Fate and Justification in the Eugenics-debate"

Graduation date: 19-02-2009
Promotores: R. Vos, R.H.J. ter Meulen
Current job in research: Centre for Society and Genomics, TU Delft

Leone, Stephanie S., "Unravelling fatigue in the working population: Course,consquences, and its association with burnout"

Graduation date: 16-01-2009
Promotor: J.A. Knottnerus; Co-promotores: IJ. Kant, M.J.H. Huibers
Current job in research: VUMC, Amsterdam

Linden, Helma (A) W.N. van der, "Connecting health care professionals: Studies on a generic HER system framework"

Graduationdate: 16-10-2009
Promotor: A. Hasman; Co-promotor: J.L. Talmon
Current job in industry: Software developer OmniHis

Lotrean, Lucia Maria, "Romanian adolescents: health-risk behaviours and smoking prevention"

Graduation date: 13-11-2009
Promotores: H. de Vries, C. Ionut; Co-promotor: E.P.E. Mesters
Current job in research: Department of Environmental Health, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

Luitgaarden-Janssen, Jade M.V. van de, "Excessive alcohol use in youth on holiday; an evaluation of two intervention methods"

Graduation date: 20-03-2009
Promotores: R.A. Knibbe, R.W. Wiers
Current job in private sector: Co-owner Euregional congress bureau, Maastricht

Mastrigt, Ghislaine A.P.G. van, "Outcome Assessment and Economic Evaluation of Short Stay Intensive Care for Coronary Artery Bypass Patients"

Graduation date: 25-09-2009
Promotor: J.G. Maessen, M.H. Prins, J.L. Severens
Current job in industry: Medtronic

Meijers, Judith M.M., "Awareness of malnutrition in healthcare"

Graduation date: 02-07-2009
Promotores:  J.M.G.A. Schols, Th. Dassen; Co-promotores: R.J.G. Halfens, M.A.E. Bokhorst-v.d. Schueren
Current job in research: UM/CAPHRI, Dept. Nursing and Care

Mercken, Liesbeth A.G, "Influence or Selection. Dynamics of friendship networks and smoking behavior in adolescence"

Graduation date: 20-11-2009
Promotores: H. de Vries, T. Snijders; Co-promotor: M.J.J.M. Candel
Current job inresearch: UM/CAPHRI, Dept. Health Promotion

Mevissen, Fraukje E.F., "Bedtime Stories"

Graduation date: 11-09-2009
Promotor: H.P. Schaalma; Co-promotores: R.M. Meertens, R.A.C. de Ruiter
Current job in research: UM, Psychology

Molema, Johanna J.W., "Hospital system design. Creating supply flexibility to match demand variability"

Graduation date: 13-11-2009
Promotor:G.G. van Merode
Current job in research: TNO quality of life, researcher/adviser Arbeidsbesparende Innovaties in de Zorg

Moser, Albine, "Competency in shaping one’s life; autonomy of older adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus who are treated in a nurse-led clinic"

Graduation date: 23-10-2009
Promotores: G.A.M. Widdershoven, C. Spreeuwenberg
Current job in research/teaching: Postdoc UM/CAPHRI, Dept. General Practice, lecturer HSZuyd

Ortega Azurduy, Shirley A., "Robust designs for longitudinal studies"

Graduation date: 01-07-2009
Promotor: M.P.F. Berger; Co-promotor: E.S. Tan
Current job in research: Central Bureau for Statistics CBS, Voorburg

Osch, Liesbeth A.D.M. van, "Beyond Motivation; an exploration of pre- and postmotivational determinants of cancer-related behaviors"

Graduation date: 15-05-2009
Promotores: H. de Vries, L. Lechner; Co-promotor: A. Reubsaet
Current job inresearch/teaching: UD UM/CAPHRI, Dept. Health Promotion, received a VENI in 2010

Plat, Adrianus W., "Genetics and cardiovascular risk in a primary care population. Studies from the HIPPOCRATES project"

Graduation date:29-05-2009
Promotores: C.P. van Schayck, P.W. de Leeuw; Co-promotores: H.E.J.H. Stoffers, A.A. Kroon
Current job in research: Research manager PHARMO Institute for Drug Outcomes Research, Utrecht

Riet, Jonathan P. van ’t, "Framing health communication messages"

Graduation date: 16-10-2009
Promotor:H. de Vries; Co-promotor: R.A.C. de Ruiter
Current job in research: LEI (food research) Wageningen

Vosse, Debby, "The impact of Ankylosing Spondylitis on bone"

Graduation date: 09-04-2009
Promotores: J.M.J.P. van der Linden, P.P.M.M. Geusens, R.B.M. Landewe
Current job in care/research: Assistant Professor and Rheumatologist Academic Hospital Maastricht

Wees, Philip J. van der, "Evaluation of Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines in Physical Therapy: Ankle Sprain as Case Example

Graduation date: 10-09-2009
Promotores: R.A. de Bie, J. Dekker; Co-promotor: H.J.M. Hendrikx
Current job in research/policy: Chair Guidelines International, researcher UM and Nijmegen