Dissertations / Cohort 2008 / CAPHRI - CaRe PhDs 2008

Abderhalden, Christoph, "The systematic assessment of the short-term risk for patient violence on acute psychiatric wards"

Graduation date: 6-3-2008

Promotores: H. Philipsen, Th. Dassen; Co-promotores: R.J.G. Halfens

Adam, Ishag, "Malaria and Anaemie. The impact on maternal and perinatal outcomes."

Graduation date: 06-11-2008

Promotores: M.H. Prins, M.I. Elbashir

Asselt, Antoinette D.I. van,"Economic aspects of treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder; theory versus practice"

Graduation date: 31-10-2008

Promotores: J.L. Severens, A.R. Arntz; Co-promotores: C.D. Dirksen

Ayo-Yusuf, Olekan Abdulwahab, "Oral Health Promotion and Tobacco Use Prevention in South Africa Towards an integrated educational approach"

Graduation date: 05-12-2008

Promotores: H.W. van den Borne, S.P. Reddy

Bertens, Marie G.B.C., "UMA TORI; development and evaluation of an STI/HIV-prevention intervention for women of Afro-Surinamese and Dutch Antillean descent"

Graduation date: 13-6-2008

Promotores: H.P. Schaalma, H.W. van den Borne; Co-promotores:L.K. Bartholomew, J.S.M. Krumeich

Bilsen, Pascalle M.A. van, "Care for the elderly; an exploration of perceived needs, demands and service use"

Graduation date: 31-1-2008

Promotores: J.P.H. Hamers, W.N.J. Groot, C., Spreeuwenberg;

Boessen, Alexandra C.M., "The Politics of European Union Health Policy-making"

Graduation date: 14-11-2008

Promotores: H. Maarse Co-promotor: E. Versluis

Bokhoven, Marloes A. van, "Blood test ordering for unexplained complaints in general practice.The feasibility of a watchful waiting approach"

Graduation date: 12-9-2008

Promotores: G.J. Dinant, R.P.T.M. Grol, P.J.E. Bindels; Co-promotores: G.D.E.M. van der Weijden

Boom, Hannerieke C.I. van der, "Home Nursing in Europe. Patterns of professionalisation and institutionalisation of home care and family care to elderly people in Denmark, France, The Netherlands and Germany"

Graduation date: 25-6-2008

Promotores: H. Philipsen; Co-promotor: F.C.J. Stevens

Bouman, Anneke I.E., "Home visiting program for older persons with poor health status"

Graduation date: 11-6-2008

Promotor:G.I.J.M. Kempen, P.G. Knipschild; Co-promotor: H.J.L. van Rossum

Bruijn, Camiel P.C. de, "The effectiveness of an education and activation program in acute and sub-acute shoulder complaints presented in general practice"

Graduation date: 6-3-2008

Promotores: G.J. Dinant, W.J. van den Heuvel, R.A. de Bie; Co-promotores:G. van der Heijden

Cate-Hoek, Arina J. ten, "New developments in diagnosis and treatment of deep vein thrombosis"

Graduation date: 10-10-2008

Promotores: M.H. Prins; Co-promotores: H.E.J.H. Stoffers, K. Hamulyak

Dammeijer, Patrick F.M., "The Stapedius Muscle of the Rat; developmental aspects and adaptive properties of stapedius muscle fibre composition"

Graduation date: 17-01-2008

Promotor: J.J. Manni, H. van Mameren;  Co-promotor: L.J.C. Anteunis

Derkx, Hay P.T., "For your ears only. Quality of telephone triage at out-of-hours centres in the Netherlands"

Graduation date: 18-6-2008

Promotores: J.A. Knottnerus; Co-promotores: J.J.E. Rethans, A.M.M. Muijtjens

Essers, Brigitte A.B., "Surgical Excision and Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Basal Cell Carcinoma: An evaluation from different perspectives"

Graduation date: 5-6-2008

Promotores: M.H. Prins, H.A.M. Neumann; Co-promotor: C.D. Dirksen

Geel, Antonia C.M. van,"Fracture prediction in primary care: more than bone alone"

Graduation date: 10-10-2008

Promotores: G.J. Dinant, P.P.M.M. Geusens; Co-promotor: D.J.M. van der Voort

Grutters, Janneke P.C., "Health technology assessment of organizational innovation in health care"

Graduation date: 15-2-2008

Promotores: J.J. Manni; Co-promotores: L.J.C. Anteunis, M.A. Joore, F.G.E.M. van der Horsts Curr

Guldemond, Nico A., "Plantar pressure, diabetes and foot orthoses therapy. Studies on etiological, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects"

Graduation date: 23-5-2008

Promotor: G.H. I.M. Walenkamp, N.C. Schaper; Co-promotores: A.P. Sanders

Helden, Svenhjalmar van, "Looking beyond the fracture. Prevention in fracture care"

Graduation date: 5-9-2008

Promotores: P.R.G. Brink, P.P.M.M. Geusens

Hendricks, Theo J.W., "Refractive errors: occurrence, aspecific health complaints, and functional problems"

Graduation date: 29-2-2008

Promotores: J.A. Knottnerus, F. Hendrikse; Co-promotores: J. de Brabander, F.G.E.M. van der Horst

Hendriks, Marike R.C., "Multidisciplinary fall prevention; effects, feasiblility and costs"

Graduation date: 11-6-2008

Promotores: J.Th.M. van Eijk,  H.F.J.M.Crebolder; Co-promotor: J.C.M. van Haastregt

Hoomans, Ties "Economic evaluation of change in clinical practice: methods for informing decisions about guidelines and implementation strategies"

Graduation date: 17-10-2008

Promotor: L.J. Severens; Co-promotores: A.J.H.A. Ament, S.M.A.A. Evers

Huizing, Anna R., "Towards restraint-free care for psychogeriatric nursing home residents"

Graduation date: 14-3-2008

Promotor: J.P.H Hamers, M.P.F. Berger

Korstjens, Irene, "Cancer Rehabilitation"

Graduation date: 03-10-2008

Promotores: H.W. van den Borne; Co-promotores: E.P.E. Mesters

Kotz, Daniel, "Confronting smokers with previously undetected airflow limitation for smoking cessation"

Graduation date: 21-11-2008

Promotores: C.P. van Schayck; Co-promotor:G. Wesseling, M.J.H. Huiber

Lamers, ir. Femke, "Treating depression in chronically ill elderly. The evaluation of a Minimal Psychological Intervention"

Graduation date:26-9-2008

Promotores: J.Th.M. van Eijk, J.A.Knottnerus; Co-promotor: J.H.A. Bosma

Leurs, Mariken T.W., "A Collaborative approach to tailored whole-school health promotion"

Graduation date: 16-5-2008

Promotor:N.K. de Vries, H.P. Schaalma; Co-promotor: I.M. Mur – Veeman

Ludwig, Martijn, "Efficiency of Dutch hospitals"

Graduation date: 28-11-2008

Promotores: G.G. van Merode, W.N.J. Groot

Maas, Tanja, "PREVention of Asthma in genetically Susceptible Children (PREVASC)?"

Graduation date: 24-10-2008

Promotores:C.P. van Schayck, J.A. Knottnerus; Co-promotor: E. Dompeling

Moonen, Adrianus F.C.M., "Postoperative autologous retransfusion of shed blood in primary total hip and knee arthroplasty"

Graduation date: 05-12-2008

Promotor: G.H.I.M. Walenkamp; Co-promotores: P. Pilot, A.D. Verburg, I.C. Heyligers, G. Wesseling

Moulin, Monique F.M.T. du, "Urinary incontinence in primary care diagnosis and interventions"

Graduation date: 17-12-2008 

Promotor: J.P.H. Hamers Co-promotores: R.J.G. Halfens, A.T.G. Paulus 

Norg, Roelf J.C., "A general practitioner's approach to lower urinary tract symptoms"

Graduation date: 25-1-2008

Promotores: J.A. Knottnerus, C.P. van Schayck; Co-promotor: P.J.M. Portegijs

Peeters, Andrea, "Primary open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension; cost-effectiveness of early detection and treatment"

Graduation date: 16-1-2008

Promotores: M.H. Prins, F. Hendrikse; Co-promotores:J. Schouten, C.A.B. Webers

Penders, Bart, "From seeking health to finding healths"

Graduation date: 01-10-2008

Promotores: R. Vos,K. Horstman

Person, Bobbie, "A qualitative study on the effect of lymphatic filariasis on women: experiences, needs, and implications for lymphedema management programs"

Graduation date: 16-10-2008

Promotor: H.W. van den Borne Co-promotor:L.A. Bartholomew

Prompers, Leonne M., "Diabetic Foot Disease in European Perspective"

Graduation date: 29-5-2008

Promotor: N.C. Schaper Co-promotor:M.S.P. Huijberts

Raeve, Lore de, "Changes in psychosocial work environment and health: a mutual relationship"

Graduation date: 19-9-2008

Promotor: P.A. van den Brandt; Co-promotores: IJ. Kant, R.M. Vasse

Rosias, Philippe P.R., "The development of exhaled breath condensate; a noninvasive method of measuring airway inflammation"

Graduation date: 14-2-2008

Promotores: C.P. van Schayck, L.J.I. Zimmermann; Co-promotores: E. Dompeling, Q. Jobsis

Ruland, Erik C., "Bestuurlijke verankering van innovaties in de openbare gezondheidszorg; lessen uit de casus Hartslag Limburg"

Graduation date: 20-6-2008

Promotores: C. Spreeuwenberg, J.W. van Ree; Co-promotor: A.J.A. van Raak

Saxer, Susanne, "Urinary Incontinence in Nursing Home Care"

Graduation date: 11-9-2008

Promotores: R.A. de Bie, Th. Dassen; Co-promotor: R.J.G. Halfens

Seute, Tatjana, "Neurologic complications in small cell lung cancer"

Graduation date: 1-2-2008

Promotores: M. Limburg, M.H. Prins; Co-promotores: A. Twijnstra, G.P.M. ten Velde

Snijders, Bianca E.P., "Breastfeeding and Infant Atopic Manifestations"

Graduation date: 22-2-2008

Promotor: P.A. van den Brandt; Co-promotores: C.T.M. Thijs, F. Stelma

Steenkiste, Ben C. van, "The use of risk tables for cardiovascular prevention in general practice; evaluation of decision support for doctors and patients"

Graduation date: 19-6-2008

Promotor: R.P.T.M. Grol; Co-promotor: G.D.E.M. van der Weijden

Tekle, Fetene B., "D-optimal designs for prospective cohort studies"

Graduation date: 08-10-2008

Promotores: M.P.F. Berger; Co-promotores: E. S. Tan

Welie, Sander P.K., "Criteria for assessment of patient competence. A conceptual analysis from the legal, psychological and ethical perspectives"

Graduation date: 5-09-2008

Promotores: F.C.B. van Wijmen, J.C.J. Dute, G.A.M. Widdershoven

Willems, Daniëlle C.M., "Nurse-led telemonitoring in asthma; process, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness"

Graduation date: 31-1-2008

Promotores: J.L. Severens, E.F.M. Wouters; Co-promotores: M.A. Joore, J.J.E. Hendriks

Zijlstra, Gertrud A. Rixt, "Managing concerns about falls; Fear of falling and avoidance of activity in older people"

Graduation date: 28-2-2008

Promotores: G.I.J.M. Kempen, J.Th.M. van Eijk; Co-promotor: J.C.M. van Haastregt