Dissertations / Cohort 2006 / CAPHRI - CaRe PhDs 2006

Bloemen-Vrencken, Jos H.A., "Health problems after spinal cord injury rehabilitation: Who cares? "

Graduation date: 10-13-2006

Promotores: W.J.A. van den Heuvel; Co-promotores: L.P. de Witte, M.W.M. Post                              

Coumans, Anna M., "Chronic Heroin Users"

Graduation date: 20-01-2006

Promotores: R.A. Knibbe, H. v.d. Mheen

Dambros, Miriam,"Novel insights into the pathophysiology and treatment of the Overactive Bladder Syndrome"

Graduation date: 2-23-2006

Promotores: P.E.V.A. van Kerrebroeck, P.C.R. Palma, Co-promotor: G.A. van Koeveringe

Friesema, Ingrid H.M., "Alcohol and Cardiovascular Disease: a longitudinal study on impact of intake measurement and health status "

Graduation date: 9-22-2006

Promotores: J.A. Knottnerus, M.J. Drop; Co-promotores: V.A. Zwietering, P.H.H.M. Lemmens

Geraets, Jacques "The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a hehavioral Graded Exercise Therapy programme for patients with chronic shoulder complaints in primary care"

Graduation date: 3-9-2006

Promotores: W.J.A. van den Heuvel, G.J. Dinant; Co-promotores: M.E.J.B. Goossens, G.J.M.G. van der Heijden

Heuft-Dorenbosch, Liesbeth L.J, "From inflammatory back pain to ankylosing spondilitis"

Graduation date: 10-6-2006

Promotores: D.M.F.M. van der Heijde, J.M.J.P. van der Linden; Co-promotore: R.B.M. Landewe

Heuts, Peter H.T.G., "Osteoarthritis: a rehabilitative approach in general practice"

Graduation date: 2-10-2006

Promotores: C.P. van Schayck, R.A. de Bie, C.P. van Weel

Huver, Roos M.E., "Papa Don't Preach"

Graduation date: 9-29-2006

Promotores: H. de Vries, R.C.M.E.Engels

James, Shamagonam, "The evaluation of HIV and AIDS Interventions in Secondary Schools in South Africa: recommendations for systematic programme development "

Graduation date: 3-17-2006

Promotores: H.W. van den Borne, S.P. Reddy; Co-promotor: R.A.C. Ruiter

Kaper, Janneke, "Smoking cessation treatment and its reimbursement: The costs and effects "

Graduation date: 10-6-2006

Promotores: C.P. van Schayck, J.L. Severens; Co-promotor: A.J. Wagena

Kraag, Gerda C., "Learn Young, Learn Fair - development and evaluation of a stress management programme for fifth and sixth graders "

Graduation date: 9-7-2006

Promotores: H. Abu Saad – Huijer, G.J. Kok

Meuwissen, Louise E.M.M., "Het verbeteren van sexuele en reproductieve gezondheidszorg voor kansarme tienermeiden "

Graduation date: 9-20-2006

Promotor: J.A. Knottnerus; Co-promotor:A.C. Gorter

Schoot, Christina M., "Client-Centred Care; balancing between perspectives of clients and nurses in home care "

Graduation date: 20-10-2006

Promotores:J. ter Meule;  Co-promotores: L.P. de Witte, I. Proot

Segaar, Dewi, "Adoption and implementation of smoking cessation support in health care "

Graduation date: 12-20-2006

Promotores: H. de Vries ; Co-promotores: M. Willemsen, C. Bolman

Sifunda, Sibusiso, "Ubudoda Abukhulelwa. The development and testing of a peer-led STI, HIV and AIDS prevention intervention for male prison inmates in South Africa "

Graduation date: 3-17-2006

Promotores: H.W. van den Borne, S.P. Reddy ; Co-promotores:R.A.C. Ruiter 

Smeets, Robert E.M., "Active rehabilitation for chronic low back pain: Cognitive-behavioural, physical, or both? "

Graduation date: 12-8-2006

Promotores: J.A. Knottnerus, J.W.S.Vlaeyen; Co-promotor: A. Hidding

Smeets, Tamara, "Towards a healthy lifestyle; the development and evaluation of a computer tailored lifestyle intervention "

Graduation date: 6-22-2006

Promotores: H. de Vries, J. Brug

Smits, Kim M., "Pharmacogenetic studies in depression: a focus on the serotonin transporter gene "

Graduation date: 10-5-2006

Promotores: M.H. Prins  ; Co-promotores: L.J.M. Smits, J.S.A.G. Schouten

Steuten, Lotte M.G, "Evaluation of disease management programmes for chronically ill"

Graduation date: 2-23-2006

Promotores: C. Spreeuwenberg, G.G. van Merode; Co-promotor: H.J.M. Vrijhoef

Vries, Marjolein P. de, "Asthma control in general practice. The effect of self-management and allergen avoidance"

Graduation date: 2-17-2006

Promotores: C.P. van Schayck; Co-promotores: J.W.M. Muris, B.P.A.Thoonen

Wetzels, Gwenndola E.C., "Patient Compliance in Hypertension; from Measurement to Improvement "

Graduation date: 11-30-2006

Promotor: M.H. Prins; Co-promotores: P.J. Nelemans, J.S.A.G.Schouten