Letter from the director

Dear CaRe colleagues,

It is a pleasure to write you this letter in this renewed CaRré newsletter. Since our last letter many exciting developments have taken place. First of all, a new CaRré editorial team has been installed, consisting of Annerika Gidding-Slok, Indira Nandram-Tewari and Christel van Gool. Marieke de Visser and Roxanne Schaakxs will remain in the team. We really would like to thank Rik Crutzen, Liesbeth van Osch, Laura Hochstenbach, Inge Spronk and Dóra Révész who have been dedicated in the past years by producing our very informative CaRré bulletin. They have shown how you can make an attractive bulletin worthwhile to read for every researcher of our four CaRe Institutes, and especially for our PhD researchers. Thank you so much!

On 1 November, Maastricht University has appointed Dr Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal), as honorary professor on behalf of national research school CaRe (Netherlands School for Primary Care Research). This is a unique situation because CaRe consists of a cooperation of four institutes in the Netherlands.

Dr Godlee has been appointed at Maastricht University because its research institute CAPHRI hosts the secretariat of the CaRe research school.
Dr Godlee will coach PhD students on the four CaRe locations – Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Maastricht – in positioning their research. She will teach the PhD students to write their research in such a way that it catches the interest of top journals. Read the interview on her appointment in The Observant (the independent university newspaper of Maastricht University) here, and the previous interview she had in The Observant here.

The third important happening was the re-start of our national CaRe days in April this year. Thursday, April 21 had a program that had been specifically composed for PhD students. It was very well visited by PhD students from the four Institutes. Dr Fiona Godlee, editor of the BMJ, gave as keynote speaker a masterclass entitled: How to improve your publication chances for high impact journals like the BMJ. Sometimes it is frustrating (and not only for PhD students) to be confronted with the high rejection rate of journals like the BMJ, ultimately leading to less submissions. It was very interesting to learn more about the processes preceding editorial decisions. The lecture was full of do’s and don’ts and was a real help to avoid the most important pitfalls in the submission procedure. Fiona gave a good insight in the “kitchen of the BMJ”. Friday, April 22 was a day for all CaRe researchers. Again dr Godlee gave a very interesting lecture, this time with the provocative title: Why shouldn’t you trust what you read in medical journals? The lecture was full of important (and sometimes shocking) examples of scientific integrity. This lead to a remark by Prof Alexander Rinnooy Kan (who also gave an interesting key-note lecture) that the Dutch Parliament should be much better informed about these problems. Furthermore, Prof Rinnooy Kan gave clear insight in the elements of the National Research Agenda that are important for CaRe researchers. At the moment we are planning the CaRe days for 2017. And the dates have been fixed already at May 18th and 19th. So please, save the date! Input and ideas from your side are more than welcome!

And finally, it is good to know that since the beginning of this year Prof Cordula Wagner is the new scientific director of the research institute NIVEL. We welcome her in the board of directors of CaRe and thank Prof Peter Groenewegen for his contribution to CaRe in the past years.

Kind regards, Onno van Schayck

Prof dr Onno van Schayck
Dr Fiona Godlee, MD