Letter from the director

Dear CaRe colleagues,

Again it is a pleasure to write to you in this CaRre Newsletter. Many exciting happenings are taking place at the moment. We are looking forward to our yearly CaRe days on May 18th and 19th in Maastricht. Together with our PhD representatives and Institute Directors we composed an exciting program specifically for PhD students on the first day and for all researchers on the second day. At the end of these two days, everyone is invited to attend the inaugural lecture of our first CaRe professor, Dr Fiona Godlee, editor of the BMJ. These CaRe days seem to be so popular that they are almost overbooked already!

Another exciting happening in line with the ongoing merger between VUmc and AMC is that our Amsterdam partner is now the recently established Amsterdam Public Health research institute. This is an institute with 1300 researchers in all stages of their career of which approximately 600 PhD students, enlarging the number of researchers of CaRe considerably. Prof Eco de Geus decided to step down as scientific director of EMGO+ and the APH is now led by Prof Willem van Mechelen and Prof Judith Sluiter. We thank Eco for his valuable contribution to CaRe and we welcome Willem and Judith in the team of CaRe directors. Also Prof Jouke van der Zee, formerly scientific director of NIVEL and until recently board member of CaRe, decided to step down. Prof Peter Groenewegen (also formerly scientific director of Nivel) took over this position in the board of CaRe.

Last year the advice of CaRe researchers was to investigate the possibility to work more closely together with NIHES, another important Research School in the area of public health in the Netherlands. A meeting with the chairman of the board of NIHES, Prof Johan Mackenbach, and the director Prof Mirjam Hunink was very fruitful and at the moment we are investigating the possibility of setting up together with NIHES a prestigious leadership program in the area of public health, in line with a comparable program focused on primary care, the so-called Oxford Internal Primary Care Research Leadership Program (formerly the Brisbane Initiative). The intention is to select every year 1-2 promising researchers from all participating Institutes who may participate in this program to which high profile world-class teachers will contribute during yearly meetings. This should lead to cohorts of promising research leaders in the area of public health.  Hopefully this programs starts in 2018.

Another wonderful event has happened: our editor from NIVEL, Indira Nandram-Tewari has given birth to a beautiful son: Ayush Pavan Nandram. We wish her family all the luck in the world.

If you have any suggestions for CaRe, please do not hesitate to contact me or your local director. All suggestions are more than welcome.

Kind regards,

Onno van Schayck

Prof dr Onno van Schayck