Annual CaRe-days 2018

On May 16 and 17 the annual CaRe days took place in ‘s Hertogenbosch. The first day was all about research integrity, with lectures of Fiona Godlee and Lex Bouter and an integrity Dilemma Game. 
The presentations of the morning programme can be found here:

In the afternoon session PhD students presented their own work in parallel sessions. A nice way to practice your presentation skills and to inform your peers about the research you perform at your institute.
The final part of the programme of the first day was a presentation of our Statesecretary of Health,Welfare and Sport, Paul Blokhuis about the 'Preventieakkoord'. He informed us about his plans, and we finished with a lively discussion. 

The second day was about creating a successful research program, with lectures from Maroeska Rovers, Jochen Cals, Bart Kiemeney, Anja Schumann, Paula Meesters and Stan Gielen. 
The day ended with a presentation of the winner of the CaRe award 2018 Ben Wijnen! Congratulations Ben!
The presentations of the second CaRe day can be found here: 
Paul Blokhuis
Statesecretary of Health, Welfare and Sports

The statesecretary will join us on May 16. This session will be held in Dutch. 
De staatssecretaris zal kort een presentatie geven over het preventie akkoord. Verder wil hij graag met alle onderzoekers van CaRe in gesprek over hoe het preventie akkoord van invloed is op het preventie onderzoek dat wij uitvoeren. 
Fiona Godlee and Lex Bouter
Fiona Godlee and Lex Bouter will give lectures about scientific and professional integrity