About CaRe / Mission statement

Mission statement CaRe

The mission of The Netherlands School of Public Health and Care Research concerns: contributing to better health and health care through high quality training of young researchers and multidisciplinary cooperation between excellent research institutes in the field of primary health care, transmural care, public and occupational health and health policy, focused on the development and implementation of new scientific knowledge in these fields.

This mission is shared by the four participating research institutes of CaRe, i.e. CAPHRI (Care And Public Health Research Institute) of Maastricht University, RIHS (Radboud Institute for Health Sciences) of the Radboud university medical centre, APH (Amsterdam Public Health research institute) of the VUmc, AMC, VU and UvA in Amsterdam, and NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research) in Utrecht.

The objectives of CaRe are to establish and guarantee a high quality PhD training programme for researchers, and to foster the development of new scientific knowledge in primary care, transmural care, public and occupational health and health policy.

It is the ambition of CaRe to further develop its work according to its mission statement, taking into account a rapidly changing health care situation, due to demographic developments, societal changes, advancing technology and an increase in chronic diseases and multimorbidity. High quality health care should conform to requirements regarding effectiveness (evidence-based), efficiency, patient centredness, safety, timeliness and equity. The combination of expertise, available at the CaRe partners, and the accessibility to valuable international networks, provides the right basis for realising the mission statement.

The research training of CaRe aims to educate not only junior researchers seeking for a full-time research career, but also those who want to combine research with a health care career. It is the ambition and expectation of the school that the latter category will positively influence the evidence based level of the practice of primary care, transmural care, public and occupational health and health policy.